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We support your business decisions

with the right numbers

Our know how last from

cost estimation via classical calculations

to life cycle analysis and

total cost of ownership analysis

The result of our implementations

(own software solutions and services)

are innovative, integrated and transparent

cost information systems for your company

What is the potential saving in my company by using 4cost methodology?

The unique 4cost method is supported by the 4cost software suite that enables users to quickly and easily establish cost transparency. The cost analysis and optimization of a project (Development or Production) is supported through parametric costing using 4cost-aces as well as bottom up costing using 4cost-structure. This innovative and integrated method of analyzing cost structures is capable of supporting all areas of industry and all divisions within the company right from the start. Our customers benefit from our extensive experience, gained over 20 years in the field, and applied to more than 2000 projects ranging from simple mechanical products to those using the most complex technologies, such as space satellites.

The 4cost suite of software supports: cost estimation, cost projection and cost impact analysis. By using: Parametric estimating, Detailed bottom-up, Scenario analyses, Project documenting (archives) and Reporting we are able to fullfill your individual requirements.

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We are committed to the business of cost estimating and are known for answering questions about: Manufacturing costs, production costs, Development costs, Lifecycle costs (TCO), Material costs, Labour costs, Overhead costs, Software programming costs. The training and guiding of your staff in the use of our software and cost estimating method is performed by our professional training department.

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